Guru and Disciple

Publicly announcing withdrawal of my nama and mantra initiations from 2001 to those disciples who are no longer in contact with me or not doing Nitairoopdhyan for Hare Krishna Ruchi. Lots of scriptural proof included about why I am humbly taking this step


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Today, with a very heavy heart, I am announcing what I have been wanting to publicly announce for a long time.

Over the past two decades, I have been constantly and tangibly feeling its burden on my own spiritual remembrance.

Guru and Disciple

Withdrawal of the initiations I gave

Today I am openly announcing the withdrawal of all the hare krishna mantra initiations, gayatri mantras’ initiations, and any other mantras’ initiations which I have given in the right-ear to all my disciples from 2001 who are no longer in active contact with me via our telegram sanga or youtube channel and due to that are not implementing my well-wishing instructions of practicing nitai bhakti and long hours of daily nitya-ekachakra dhyana; as much as possible according to their capacity; for pure, instant, and offenseless harinama-ruchi.

I am herewith withdrawing all the nama and mantra initiations I have imparted to all the no-longer-in-touch disciples in their right ears and also the guru and nama ashraya I had given to them.

This initiation-withdrawal is applicable to all disciples who have received any mantra in the right ear from me including harinama, nityananda, gauranga, etc. but are no longer in active contact with me through our telegram sanga.

This initiation-withdrawal is applicable to all mantras which I have given in the right ear and to all disciples who have received any mantra in the right ear from me including harinama, nityananda, gauranga, etc. but are no longer in active contact with me through our telegram sanga and are thus not known to me to be practicing nitai bhakti.

Because they are no longer in contact, I simply don’t know if they are even chanting my previously given nitai gaura nama along with harinama or not in order to destroy all their 10 offenses against harinama, which otherwise get fully dumped upon me directly if they are not doing so, because I was the one who gave them harinama-diksha in their right ear in the first place.

Also, as you all already know, hencefoward, I won’t be initiating in the form of formal diksha any more disciples in nama or mantra, unless in very very special cases and only if that disciple’s sincere nitai-dhyana for harinama-ruchi or nitai-bhakta-seva-bhava is known to me for a very long time.

So, henceforward, the offenses to bhakti of these ex-disciples will no longer be my responsibility or fall on my head in any way and destroy my own bhajana.

Nor I am responsible in anyway anymore for taking the souls of these disciples into the eternal pastimes.

These disciples of mine are thus fully relieved now of any kind of spiritual vows, responsibilities, or obligations towards me and are thus totally free to accept pure gurus in our vishuddha Bhaktisiddhanta Dhara who are willing to take such a burden on their heads, if they have not already done so.

Is Harinama-diksha necessary to attain pure love?

I will soon be writing a comprehensive scriptural article on how true nama-smarana-siddhi does not depend on nama-diksha or any kind of pancharatra initiation at all in the pure bhagavata-marga, which may be of further interest to you in this matter.

One of the verses which clearly establishes this truth is from Sri Chaitanya-charitamrta 2.15.108 which states:

dikshA-purascharyA-vidhi apekshA nA kare | jihvA-sparshe, A-chAndAla sabAre uddhAre ||

Its literal translation is: “The holy name does not depend at all on diksha, purascharya (sacrifices), or any vidhi (rituals). If the holy name simply touches the tongue of even the most lowest and ghostly person in creation, the name will fully deliver that soul without that soul specifically needing any diksha in the name.”

Srila Jiva Gosvami further elucidates this rarely know truth in Sri Bhakti Sandarbha, Anuccheda 284 that nama-diksha is a preparatory deed in archana-marga thus not pure bhagavata-marga and is thus not mandatory for attaining pure bhakti, but it may be accepted to help in that process if available:

“Indeed the mantra consists of the names of Bhagavan. Therefore the mantras chanted by great devotees and sages are characterized with the ornamented namah and contain special potency nondifferent from Sri Bhagavan, and they cause one to obtain a special relationship with the Lord without any diksha also.

tatra kevalAni srIbhagavan-nAmAny api nirapekSANy eva parama-puruSArtha-phala-paryanta-dAna-samarthAni

“Therefore the mere (kevalAni) chanting the name of Bhagavan is FULLY AND INDEPENDENTLY (nirapeshAny) SUFFICIENT AND CAPABLE (samarthAni) to award us the fruit of the supreme goal of life (parama-purushArtha).”

Srila Jiva Gosvami confirms this higher truth in the previous Anuccheda 283 also:

…pancharAtrAdivad archana-mArgasyAvashyakatvaM nAsti…

“In the opinion of the Bhagavata Purana, the path of archana which includes diksha, like the Pancaratra and so forth, IS NOT (nAsti) NECESSARY (AvashyakatvaM), since, EVEN WITHOUT THAT, one can fully achieve the supreme goal of human life (puruSArtha-siddher) by one of the other more powerful and direct methods like surrender (sharanapatti) and the rest (like smarana, sravana, kirtana, japa, etc.).”

Just like not even the purest of devotees can do prana-pratishtha of the deities of bhagawan because who can give prana to one who is the very prana of the whole creation, similarly which guru’s nama-diksha can give anything more than what the fully independent nama prabhu who is nami himself is giving to each and every soul in creation in regards to awarding prema directly to any soul who takes shelter of remembering the name, whether uninitiated or initiated?

Explaining my personal reasons for this announcement

Coming back to the announcement, I repeatedly beg humble apologies for any distress which this announcement may cause you or any other devotee. I will always remain your servant and well-wisher.

I am taking this extremely difficult decision with a very heavy heart because it is a question of my own survival in bhakti.

I am fully aware that no other gaudiya guru may have made such an announcement in recent times.

Srila Narahari Chakravarti Thakura writes in Sri Krishna Bhajanamrita that there were many such cases like these during Nitai Gaura’s manifest pastimes but our scriptures don’t usually mention them.

For example, in Sri Bhakti Ratnakar, Lord Virachandra Prabhu had to publicly announce the disconnection of a devotee from the devotee sanga due to his offenses against his own diksha-guru.

Also, many other diksha-gurus may not have actually given the Hare Krishna maha-mantra in the right ear, like it was traditionally given and also given to me by my own gurudeva.

I have always given even the nama into the right ear from my very first diksha in 2001 to stay true to myself, my disciples, and the scriptures.

Hence, these diksha-gurus may luckily not be getting the heavy reactions of their disciples‘ 10 nama-aparadhas like I am getting, because I have imparted nama also directly into the right ear of all my diksa-disciples, not just the gayatri mantras.

And perhaps they are all very qualified and don’t feel the need to do as I am doing.

Who am I to judge any other person in this world, what to speak of devotees and gurus?

But that will not stop me from humbly following the instructions of our scriptures to the letter myself.

This is the very minimum what I can do to save my own soul and to safeguard my own bhakti.

Please note that I am not saying here at all that all these old disciples who are no longer in contact with me may have given up devotion or have completely fallen into illusion.

I am just saying that since they are no longer in active contact with me, I do not have any way whatsoever of knowing how deeply they are in nitai bhakti, illusion, or how much offensive mentalities they have.

So why should I keep on allowing myself to be shot in my head unilaterally and destroy my own bhajana by keeping on taking the unlimited offenses and sins of those who don’t want to follow my intructions about practicing deep remembrance of nitai-lila for harinama-ruchi?

What good will I be as a guru or even as a devotee if I myself end up sunk in the abyss of illusion by being overpowered by the unlimited offenses being committed by such disciples, which I am ironically not even aware about and which are not my own doing?

I will be totally destroying my own bhakti and my own soul for no reason with my own hands.

Srila Prabhupada always said that saving others is a higher realization but saving oneself is the highest and that dumping too much of garbage (offenses) on even the strongest of fires (gurus) can extinguish it.

If one can’t save oneself spiritually right now, then one will not live another day to save anyone else ever in the future.

Then all will be lost for my own soul and for everyone else whom I could have spiritually saved at least in the future.

Mundane sins of the disciples may be destroyed by one’s chanting but the spiritual sins of the aparadhas have no atonement in creation except by practicing nitai-bhakti and nitai-lila-dhyana for harinama-ruchi.

So why should I so foolishly keep on taking these unatoneable and formidable (durvara) spiritual sins of those disciples who don’t even want to remember nitai as per my guidelines for attaining harinama-ruchi and gaur-radha-krishna bhakti?

Some say that diksha in the right ear is given only for the bija and gayatri mantras not for harinama, but they are wrong according to sri harinama chintamani 6.21

Before I start with the scriptural proof about my announcement, one very common misconception needs to be made clear.

Harinama Prabhu is the authorized 32-syllable Hare Krishna maha-mantra which has His own anustupa, rishi, chanda, etc. as described in the Kali Santarana Upanishad, etc.

So it is not just only nama but also a namatmaka mantra according to sri harinama chintamani, even though it may not have an explicit bija.

An even bigger and direct shastra pramana is the verse 6.21 of sri harinama chintamani, where namacharya srila haridasa thakura clearly states that even though harinama-siddhi does not depend on harinama-diksha at all, the divine seed of krishna-nama mantra is specifically imparted in the right ear by the harinama-diksha-guru if harinama-diksha is given.

krishna-nAma mantra dena diksha guru || SHNC 6.21 ||

“The krishna-nama-mantra or harinama is imparted in the right ear by the harinama-diksha-guru.”

Dena in the above verse means to impart. And what to impart? Harinama-mantra!

It is not talking of the bija or gayatri mantras here in this verse.

So the argument that diksha in the right ear is only to be given in the bija and gayatri mantras and not in harinama is fallacious and not based on the scriptures.

This is why Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada himself gave even harinama in the right ear during the (second) proper diksha (which was the real harinama-diksha), not during first harinama-ashraya though, along with bija and gayatri mantras, and not just the bija and gayatri mantras only.

Scriptural proof for this nama and mantra diksha withdrawal

Here is some proof from the revealed scriptures why it is a do-or-die compulsion for me to save my own spiritual life by announcing this withdrawal of initiation.

Sri Harinama Chintamani, chapter 10, explains how giving initiation to unqualified disciples is one of the gravest of the 10 offenses to Sri Harinama:

pramAde jadyapi nAma upadesha haya | shraddhA hine tabe guru pAya mahA bhaya || SHNC 10.19 ||

“A guru should become extremely terrified when the guru comes to know that one has carelessly given harinama diksha (upadesha) to a faithless or offensive soul in a hurry or due to a subtle desire to get followers, recognition, and worship.”

vaishnava samAje tAhA kari vigyApana | sei dushta shishya tyAga kare mahA jana || SHNC 10.20 ||

tAhA nA karile guru aparAdha krame | bhakti heena durAcAra haya mAyA bhrame || SHNC 10.21 ||

“If a guru does not announce the withdrawal of such initiation of an offensive disciple openly (vigyapana) in a public assembly (vaishnava samaj), the guru will have to keep on accepting and suffering for that disciple’s past, present, and future vaishnava-ninda, nama-aparadhas, seva-aparadhas, dhama-aparadhas, and a host of all other anarthas and offenses.

“So such a guru, who does not publicly announce this withdrawal, gradually but surely, becomes devoid of all bhakti and ends up becoming sinful and fully bewildered by the illusory energy.”

shraddhA-heene peye nAma, aparAdhe mare | sange sange guruke abhakta shighra kare || SHNC 10.10 ||

“A faithless or offensive disciple of a guru who receives initiation in harinama descends into oblivion due to his or her ten offenses. And he or she also drags and takes down the guru with him or her.”

ataeva prabhu jAre Adesha karile | nAma prachArite tAre ei AgyA dile || SHNC 10.22 ||

“This is why the Lord expressly instructed that everyone who shares harinama as a nama-guru or preacher should strictly follow these principles.”

I should not have given harinama-diksha in the right ear to anyone in the first place

According to sri harinama chintamani, it is one of the 10 offenses on the guru’s part, also known as “pramAda”, to give harinama-initiation to a disciple without fully being sure about his or her qualifications and motives.

This is why it is mandatorily prescribed in the scriptures that the guru and disciple should live and interact together 24/7 in the same gurukula for a minimum period of at least one year to ascertain these facts about each other before imparting and receiving diksha, which is not practically possible in this modern age.

shraddhA virahita jana shathatA kariyA | hari nAma mAge vaishnavera kAche giyA || SHNC 10.11 ||

“Unqualified, offensive, or faithless people duplicitously go and request intitiation in harinama from a vaishnava guru.”

tAhAra vanchanA vAkya bujhi sAdhu jana | hari nAma nAhi dena tAre kadAchana || SHNC 10.12 ||

“Seeing through their facade, the real pure gurus, who don’t have any ulterior motives, never give initiation in harinama to such souls.”

shraddhA heena jane artha lobhe nAma diyA | narakete jAya nAmAparAdha majiyA || SHNC 10.18 ||

“The guru who gives inititation to faithless or offensive disciples due to greed for money or following ends up being thrown in hell.”

ihA nA kariyA jini dena nAma dhana | sei aparAdhe tAnra narake patana || SHNC 10.28 ||

“Without thoroughly ascertaining that the disciple is already not committing any of the 10 offenses for a long time, is accepting harinama as the topmost treasure in creation, and is having total faith that practicing nama-smarana means accomplishing all other activities in life (srila bhaktivinoda thakura’s commentary); if a guru still gives the treasure of harinama-diksha to such a disciple, then that guru falls down into hell due to this most severe offense to harinama.”

What happens to the guru if the disciple continues to do offenses after accepting nama-diksha in the right ear?

nAma peye shishya kare nAma aparAdha | tAhAte gurura haya bhakti rasa bAdha || SHNC 10.29 ||

“If a disciple keeps on commiting the ten offenses to harinama even after receiving harinama-diksha from a guru, then that guru’s relishing of bhakti is severely obstructed.”

ei nAma aparAdhe dunhe shishya guru | narakete jAya ei aparAdha uru || SHNC 10.30 ||

“Due to this offense, both the guru who has given nama-diksha so quickly and the disciple who has demanded it with ulterior motives, or in a hurry due to spiritual impatience, go to hell. Because this offense of giving harinama-diksha to an unqualified soul is the greatest of them all (uru).”

vaishnave vidvesha kari chAde nAma rasa | krame krame hana artha kAmineera vasha || SHNC 10.41 ||

“If either the disciple or the guru becomes envious of other devotees, both of them will gradually become fully controlled by money and the opposite sex.”

nAma guru prati jadi avagyA ghataye | dushta sange dushta shAstra mata samAshraye || SHNC 6.57 ||

“If one disobeys and disrespects one’s pure nama-guru then that is certainly due to the association of bad people with ulterior motives and their offensive teachings.”

The nama-offenses of the disciple will force the guru to become a non-devotee very quickly

Srila Namacharya Haridasa Thakura tells Lord Gaura in Sri Harinama Chintamani 10.7-10:

shraddhA nAhi janme jAra, hari nAma tAre | sAdhu jana nAhi dena vaishnava AchAre || SHNC 10.7 ||

“Strictly following the scriptural etiquette, real pure devotee gurus will never give harinama-diksha to those who have insufficient faith in the pure chanting of harinama.”

shraddhA heena jana jadi hari nAma pAya | avagyA karibe mAtra sarva shAstre gAya || SHNC 10.8 ||

“Because if those with insufficient faith receive harinama-diksha in their right-ear, they will simply disrespect harinama due to their ten offenses, according to all the scriptures.”

shukarake dile ratna se choorna karibe | bAnarake dile vastra chindiyA phelibe || SHNC 10.9 ||

“So it will just end up like giving a rare diamond to a pig who will crush it into powder not knowing its true value. Or giving a very costly silk cloth to a mad monkey who will instantly rip it into pieces due to being in total ignorance about how precious it is.”

And who is responsible for this gross disrespect and offenses towards what is being given (harinama) in diksha?

It is not the recipient but actually the giver.

If the giver had not given the rare jewel of harinama in the form of diksha in the first place, the recipients would not have committed offenses against it.

The giver was supposed to know more better about whom to give the mantra-diksha and whom not to give, from the scriptures.

Otherwise, the giver should have never become a diksha-guru in the first place if one did not have the knowledge and realization about this careless but the most severest offense against harinama.

So this careless offense of the giver, the mantra-diksha-guru, to give mantra-diksha due to ulterior motives is called pramAda, and thus the guru becomes totally responsible for the subsequent ten offenses of the disciple after diksha.

And then what happens to this ill-fated diksha guru and disciple?

shraddhA heena peye nAma aparAdha mare | sange sange guruke abhakta shighra kare || SHNC 10.10 ||

“The offensive disciple who received harinama-diksha is destroyed. And along with one’s ownself, that disciple’s ten offenses also drag the diksha-guru down, forcing the guru to become a non-devotee pretty soon.”

Giving harinama-diksha in the right ear is the same as giving krishna directly into the right ear of the disciple as harinama is non-different from krishna himself.

So if the disciple commits the ten offenses to harinama after diksha, he or she directly offends krishna himself who has entered through his or her ears during harinama-diksha.

This is why this pramAda is the most heinous offense on the part of both the guru and disciple and ends us destroying both of their bhakti within no time.

Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata confirms these truths from Sri Harinama Chintamani

No one in creation can save such a guru who has offensive disciples

vaishnavera nindA karibeka jAra gana | tAra raksa sAmarthya nAhika kona jana || SCB 2.22.128 ||

shulapani-sama jadi vaishnavere ninde | tathApiha nAsha jAya kahe shAstra-vrinde || SCB 2.22.56 ||

“No one in creation has the power to save a guru whose disciples (jana) become envious of devotees. If a guru’s disciple becomes envious of other devotees, then there is great doubt if that guru can save even oneself (shnc: unless that guru renounces that disciple publicly). Even the greatest maha-vaishnava Lord Shiva can’t save himself from this.”

Sri Gaudiya Bhashya by Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada to Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata 2.22.128:

“…Those; who after attaining the position of spiritual master; either personally engage in blasphemy of the devotees, support it, or don’t stop their followers from blaspheming devotees certainly; become degraded.”

vaishnava-nindaka gana jAhAra Ashraya | Apanei edAite tAhAra samshaya || SCB 2.22.129 ||

“It is highly doubtful if a guru, whose disciples and ashrita students are criticizing devotees, can save oneself from total destruction (what to speak if the guru is oneself criticizing devotees).”

bada adhikari haya Apane edAite | kshudra haile – gana saha adhahpAte jAya || SCB 2.22.130 ||

“If that guru is very advanced and powerful then, maybe just maybe, that guru will be able to barely survive in bhakti by saving oneself in such a situation. But if in case that guru is of low potency (which may be quite common in kaliyuga), then that guru sinks into the deepest hells along with one’s disciples.”

How dangerous are the ten offenses of the disciples for the guru and disciple both?

ihA nA mAniya je sujana-nindA kare | janme janme se papistha daive dose mare || SCB 2.22.57 ||

“Sinful people (including gurus and their disciples) who ignore these above truths and criticize devotees suffer the heaviest of all punishments life after life.”

anyera ki dAya gaura-simhera janani | tAnhAre o vaishnavAparAdha kari gani || SCB 2.22.58 ||

“What to speak of others, even the supreme mother of the whole creation and the eternal mother of the supreme Lord Gaurasimha himself was not exempt from being considered an offender to a devotee (Sri Advaita Acharya).”

prabhu bale –upadesha kahite se pari | vaishnavAparadha Ami khAndAite nAri || SCB 2.22.32 ||

Lord Gaura himself clarified, “I can maximum give some instructions on how dangerous vaishnava-aparadha is and how to avoid it, but I Myself can’t actually save a soul from vaishnava-aparadha, even though I am the supreme personality of godhead.”

Even Radharani (Gadadhar Pandita) does not want to give Mantra Diksha in Anyone’s Right Ear

panditera thAni chAhe mantrAdi shikhite, pandita kahe,–”ei karma nahe AmA haite. (Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita 3.7.150)

Vallabha Bhatta wanted to be initiated in the mantra by Gadadhara Pandita, but Gadadhara Pandita refused, saying, “The work of giving mantra-diksha will not me possible for me to do.”

eka-dina gadAdhara-deva prabhu-sthAne, kahilena purva-mantra-dikshAra kArane. (Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata 3.10.22)

“One day Sri Gadadhara Pandita asked Lord Gaura about the initiation mantra-diksha he had been previously given.”

“ishta-mantra Ami je kahilun kAro prati, sei haite AmAra nA sphure bhAla mati” (Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata 3.10.23)

“I have given an unqualified soul diksha of my initiation mantra, and now because of that even I am not getting realizations and visions (sphurtis) properly (bhala mati) while chanting it.”

This soul whom he is talking about may have been none other than Srila Vallabhacharya because Sri Gadadhara Pandita did not give mantra-diksha to anyone else.

So even giving mantra-diksha to exalted souls who may have some siddhantic or rasa differences may cause the diksha guru to lose his visions in the mantra.

Then what to speak of how much the diksha-guru will suffer in his lila visions by giving proper mantra-diksha in the right-ear to actually unqualified souls?

sei mantra tumi more kaha punar-bAra, tabe mana-prasannatA haibe AmAra. (Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata 3.10.24)

“So my Lord, You please give me diksha in that mantra again. Only then my mind will be again become truly blissful and see the lila by chanting it.”

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada’s commentary:

“Mantra refers to the sound vibration by which one can give up thoughts of material enjoyment.

“If an instructor gives mantra-diksha to a faithless person, his heart becomes polluted.

“If one loses transcendental knowledge because of bad association (like giving mantra-diksha to an unqualified soul), then one must gather it again.

“Knowing this fact, Sri Gadadhara Pandita Gosvami requested Sri Gaurasundara to give him reinitiation into the mantra, but Mahaprabhu told him to receive mantra again from his original guru.

“Sri Gadadhara Pandita’s guru was Srila Pundarika Vidyanidhi (who is Sri Vrishbhanu, the father of Sri Radha in Vraja-lila).”

gadAdhara-devo ishta-mantra punar-bAra, premanidhi-sthAne preme kailena svikAra (Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata 3.10.79)

“Due to this, Sri Gadadhara Pandita took the opportunity to lovingly accept mantra-initiation again in his right ear from Srila Premanidhi Pundarika Vidyanidhi when he came to Puri to meet Gaura.”

This is further confirmed in Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita 2.16.78 also:

gadAdhara-pandite tenho punah mantra dila

“Thus, Srila Pundarika Vidyanidhi again gave mantra-diksha in the same mantra to Sri Gadadhara Pandita.”


Considering how many times the words “thrown in hell” has been used in the original verses on this matter, I think you can now understand from all my points and the unequivocal scriptural proof I have presented in this announcement that becoming a diksha-guru, who actually gives the nama or mantra in the right ear, is the biggest risk any soul can ever take in the whole material creation.

Simply because it is like putting a fully loaded gun of the 10 offenses against harinama in the hand of the disciple to let him or her keep on shooting the guru incessantly in the head day and night for all eternity, a gun with the most powerful anti-bhakti bullets of the 10 namaparadhas that can actually hurt the soul of even an advanced guru.

So, ultimately it all boils down to this. With all due respect for all devotees, why should I one-sidedly go to hell for those disciples who are not interested to implement my humble request of even trying to think of nitai-lila constantly for destroying all their offenses to harinama from the very root, even after knowing about the most merciful nature of ekachakra’s nitya-lila?

Q. If a few such disciples suddenly join our telegram sanga after knowing this? Would they be accepted by you?

A. In my humble opinion, it is already too late for that.

If one’s comes to the virtual vani sanga (which is even more powerful than vapu sanga) of one’s guru not because of love but only because one feels threatened or forced to the extreme limit of having no other option, they don’t need that guru at all.

And also even if they come to our telegram sanga once just to make me happy, who knows whether they will ever try nitai-lila-dhyana for harinama-ruchi regularly or even remain active in our telegram sanga to tell me how their nitai bhakti practice for harinama ruchi is progressing.

A few days later: This announcement has worked for me. The scriptures can never be wrong

This is simply unbelievable how much this vigyapana has worked.

I no longer sense what nama-offenses these ex-disciples are doing.

I no longer feel their offenses pulling my consciousness down.

I no longer see a veil covering my own dhyana due to their offenses.

My whole mind and even my body feel as light as a feather now.

Nitai was protecting me till now by somehow keeping me in His bhakti inspite of this constantly increasing burden of their infinite namaparadhas on my head.

But our Atiparama Karunamayi Ekachakreshwari has gone one step further and truly saved me by totally relieving this burden forever.

All the mental telepathic imposition of their constant namaparadhas unto me is totally gone.

I have been always thinking why do I need to fight for the crimes which I have not done.

But actually I am the real criminal and the true culprit who is responsible for it, no one else.

I gave nama and mantra diksha into their right ear due to my own pramada offense against the name.

Miraculously, even practical decisions have also much more clear on what all I have to do give this rarest love to the masses who don’t want it at any cost.

SO MY ADVICE TO ALL: Never become a diksha-guru in this present highly degraded kaliyuga by foolishly giving any name or mantra in anyone’s right ear. You will only destroy yourself by doing so.

दीक्षा और आश्रय की वापसी - मेरी सार्वजनिक घोषणा

हिन्दी में पूरी घोषणा पढ़ें

मेरे २००१ से पुराने दीक्षित एवं आश्रित शिष्य, जो भी मेरे साथ हमारे टेलीग्राम संग के द्वारा सम्पर्क में नहीं हैं और हरिनाम-रूचि के लिए प्रतिदिन निताइ-भक्ति और निताइ-ध्यान करने की मेरी नम्र आज्ञा का पालन नहीं कर रहे हैं, उन सबकी में नम्रता-पूर्वक आज सारे नाम और मन्त्र की दीक्षा, हमारे शास्त्रों के अनुसार, वापस ले रहा हूँ।

क्योंकि उनके हरिनाम में १० नामापराध, श्री हरिनाम चिंतामणि शास्त्र के अनुसार, मेरे स्वयं के स्मरण में अतिशय बाधा डाल रहे हैं।

में उनका शुभचिंतक दास, सेवक, बंधू, और शिक्षा-गुरू सदैव रहूँगा, अगर वे चाहते हैं तो।

मेरी सारी वाणी वेब्सायट, यूटूब, आदि द्वारा हमेशा सबके उपलब्ध रहेगी।

वे शिष्य आज के बाद हमारी विशुद्ध भक्तिसिद्धांत धारा में किसी भी दूसरे शुद्ध गुरु से आश्रय एवं दीक्षा ले सकते हैं।

इस अतिशय कष्ट के लिए में बार बार क्षमा चाहता हूँ क्योंकि मेरे स्वयं के भजन का सवाल है।

मैंने इस घोषणा के लेख में इसके कईं शास्त्र-प्रमाण दिए हैं, आप कृपया पढ़ सकते हैं।

इस लेख में से में केवल एक श्लोक यहाँ बताना चाहूँगा और ऐसे ही काफ़ी और श्लोक हैं :

नाम पेये शिष्य करे नामापराध । ताहाते गूरूर हय भक्ति-रस-बाध ।। (श्री हरिनाम चिंतामणि १०.२९)

“दाहिने कान में नाम-दीक्षा लेने के पश्चात अगर शिष्य नामापराध करता है तो गूरू के भक्ति-रस में बाधा आती है और निश्चित ही वह गूरू कंचन-कामिनी के वश में आ जाता है।”

To help you attain Hari Nama Prema in this very lifetime, I am your aspiring humble servant working day and night tirelessly in your menial service to help brighten your offenseless and love-laden remembrance of our all-forgiving Lord Nitai’s form in all your Bhakti Yoga practices, 

Bhaktiratna Sadhu.