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Brain Massage to Focus by Foot Reflexology

👣🧠 How to trigger the deep and vivid remembrance of Nitai with 100% Guarantee while chanting Hare Krishna or during any Bhakti Yoga practice (


👣🧠 Instant Nitai Smarana in any Bhakti Yoga practice by massaging your brain via your feet

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Table of Contents

1a) 📖 Scriptural Proof of the Supreme Lord Gaura Himself checking which of His nostril is more active

Srila Vrindavana dasa Thakura's Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata 2.28.46:

danda chaari raatri aache’ thaakura jaaniyaa, thilena chalibaare nasaa-ghraana laiyaa (CB 2.28.46)

"The Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Gauranga Himself understood that the auspicious time for His permanent departure from Mayapur to accept sannyasa had come by carefully observing that the passage of air was through a specific nostril (nasaa-ghraana) after He woke up at brahma-muhurta."

Gaudiya Bhashya Commentary by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura:

"During the brahma-muhurta, Lord Gaurasundara observed the movement of His breath through His nose and decided that the auspicious time for His departure had come."

1b) 🔬 The Science behind pressing the top tips of our big toe for more sharply focused Nitai Smarana for Harinama Ruchi

The science behind reflexology is that our feet have thousands of nerve endings that correspond to different parts of the body, and by applying pressure to specific points on the feet, it can help us improve the function of our corresponding body parts. 

In reflexology, our brain is believed to be connected to the top tip of our big toe. This top tip of our big toe represents our head and our brain, and applying pressure to this area is thought to help improve our brain's visualization, mental imagery, imagination, and creative functions and promote relaxation.

According to reflexologists, the top tip of the big toe is connected to our pineal and pituitary glands, which are located in the brain and are responsible for regulating hormones and maintaining balance in the body. Applying pressure to this area is thought to help improve the function of these glands and promote our overall health and well-being.

It is also believed that the top tip of the big toe corresponds to the eyes, ears, and sinuses, and that massaging this area can help to improve internal and external vision and hearing, as well as alleviate sinus congestion and headaches.

The stimulation of the top tip of our big toe can help to increase blood flow to our brain and promote the release of endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that can help to reduce pain, promote feelings of well-being, and help us visualize and remember the spiritual world very vividly in our meditation during any Bhakti Yoga practice.

2) ☑️ Test to check which is your more active nostril to start with

First, close up one nostril and take long breaths in and out of the other to determine which one is the dominant airway. Your more active nostril at any given time is the one by which you can take longer, deeper, and fuller breaths in and out. And your less active nostril is the one where you won't be able to breathe in as deeply as the other nostril. Once you've determined which nostril is more active in this way, press your opposite toe for instantly increasing your Nitai Smarana, as described below:

2a) ⚠️ Caution: More breath flow from a particular nostril during your normal breathing may not mean that it is the more active nostril. Many times it may actually be the opposite.

Please do not directly assume that the nostril from which more air is exiting during regular breathing is the more active nose. It is noticed that sometimes the actual more active nostril is the very opposite of the nostril from which more air is being exhaled.

And in the rare instance that the air is appearing to be flowing out evenly with the same depth from both your nostrils during normal breathing, you should not also hastily conclude that both your nostrils are equally active again without doing the above test in 2).

In fact, Nitai Smarana is triggered so predictably and assuredly by this toes-to-brain massage every single time, that over time, you will be able to tell the very reverse, i.e. which nostril is more active, simply by pressing and checking which toe is giving you more deeper Nitai Smarana for Harinama Ruchi.

3) 👈 If your left nostril is more active, 👍 press your right toe

After checking which nostril is more active by 2), if your left nostril (ida) is more active, press with moderate pressure the brain acupressure point near the top tip of the ball of your opposite right toe with your left thumb while wrapping the first two fingers of that same left hand around that right toe as shown in the above image, for as long as you want Nitai Smarana.

4) 👉 If your right nostril is more active, 👍 press your left toe

Or if your right nostril (pingala) is more active, press with moderate pressure the brain acupressure point near the top tip of the ball of your opposite left toe with your right thumb while wrapping the first two fingers of that same right hand around that left toe as shown in the above image, for as long as you want Nitai Smarana.

Wrapping your two fingers around the back of your toe as you moderately press the brain point on your toe in 3) and 4) not too hard and not too soft is essential to provide just the correct pressure on the brain foot reflexology point to trigger Nitai Smarana for Harinama Ruchi.

4a) 🧪 An Alternate Way to Test

Alternatively, if you are already able to detect changes in the depth of your Nitai Smarana instantly and if you find that pushing the big toe you believe to be the proper one does not boost your Nitai Smarana, you may try pressing the other big toe to see if that does the trick. This is because sometimes your conclusion may need to be revised, even from your proper test, about which nostril is more active. Also, our active nostril may interchange quite quickly during specific times of the day or night as per our habits or always for some people. And in such a case, the active nostril test would need to be done quite often.

4b) 🎁 There are no side-effects, only benefits, so it can be done for long periods

This toes-brain massage with moderate thumb pressure has no side-effects at all, only benefits for our mental and physical health, even if done for long periods to maintain long hours of NItai Smarana in all our Bhakti Yoga practices.

5) 😤 🌶️ 🌹 Another way previously was to smell chili oil and rose oil - Nitai Smarana by Sugandha

Meditation by Aromatherapy

Another technique was to smell a warming chili seed oil ( with your right warming nostril when your left cooling ida nostril is more active. And to smell cooling rose oil ( with your left cooling nostril when your right warming pingala nostril is more active as shown in the above scent chart.

But please don't get the bottle's chili essential oil in your eyes etc. as it may burn a lot. Chili oil may be tempered by diluting it with another warming oil, such as oregano oil if it is too strong to smell for you as shown in the chart above.

The science behind this one is that by regulating your brain's temperature and, by extension, your brain's blood flow by your sense of smell in this way, you can keep your spiritual memory sharp at all times.

The toes-to-brain massage technique can't be done while walking so you could try this smelling technique at that time. However, as you can see from the above chart, not only these olfactory cues are difficult to learn and remember to put into practice, but they also change depending on whether you're sitting, standing, or laying down, and call for procuring pure rose and chili oils first which may have different efficacies with different brands.

6) 👑 Brain Massage via your feet wins to give you instant Nitai Smarana for Harinama Siddhi

In comparison, the above Nitai-Smarana-enhancing foot reflexology's acupressure toe-pressing approach is not just far simpler to do, it is also much more potent. However, I have still included the above optional scent chart for enhancing spiritual recollection as a source of knowledge. If this scent approach is done in conjunction with the toe-pressing method, however, Nitai Smarana will not be triggered.  They should be tried separately.

7) 👁️ Testimonials of this simple Nitai Smarana for Harinama Ruchi toe-pressing trigger technique

7a) 👴 Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaja

The ideal technique is to wrap the two fingers around the toe and thumb, then push moderately on the region of the brain indicated above. Due to the predominance of Kapha when one awakens, my Nitai Smarana in hearing and chanting was not as vivid when I woke up this morning. My right nostril was the more active though. As a result, I pushed the brain region of my left toe, and immediately, Nitai Smarana came back to life with all of its full colour and detail.

From then on, I was able to easily engage in Harinama and Shravana-Kirtana-Smarana for hours with vivid Nitai Smarana and no other thoughts, as long as I maintained the correct pressure on the correct point of the correct toe. Surprisingly, this simple brain massage triggers Nitai Smarana with the same efficacy for me and many other devotees whether you're seated or laying down, unlike the above alternative hot and cold oil smelling approach.

This makes it the most powerful and universal technique I have ever suggested and perhaps will ever recommend in my lifetime for instantly triggering Nitai Smarana in any Bhakti Yoga practice. It is indeed consistently taking the Nitai Smarana, even for me, to a whole new level every single time, day or night, sitting, walking, or laying.

For some who have given me private feedback, this easy massage is making the life-changing do-or-die difference between vivid Nitai Smarana and no Nitai Smarana at all.

Since this simple toe-pressing brain massage, with no requirement of any external things, has totally changed even my own Nitai Smarana for Harinama Ruchi, I will keep on working to simplify this article and adding more relevant knowledge and sections in this article and even recording audios and videos about it till my last breath.

Some Vatas and Kapha-minded devotees, believing that all answers must only be totally spiritual, don't place a high value on such pragmatic advice for bolstering Nitai Smarana. However, as I have said many times before, spiritual barriers do not exist in Nitai Smarana for Shuddha Harinama since all our 10 (nama) + 10 (dhama) + 64 (seva) offenses are totally forgiven and ignored by Nitai always (cc 1.8.31: chaitanya nityanande nahi esaba (aparadhera) vichara).

However, there are still tangible hurdles to vivid Nitai Smarana in Harinama because of our material dosha-imbalances as a result of our previous karma. That said, I have always agreed that specifically in regards to the offenses-considering Krishna Smarana in Harinama the obstacles of our insurmountable 10 offenses are mainly spiritual (cc 1.8.24: krishna nama kare aparadhera vichara) and thus spiritual remedies, like all-offenses-destroying Nitai Smarana, are the only ones that will succeed.

7b) 👱‍♂️ Nimai das

Pressing right thumb while left is on increases absorption in hearing. Will be doing this. Still have to try pressing left thumb. Waiting for my right to get on.

7c) 👧 Malini dasi

Right toe pressing seems helpful in Nitai Smarana for Harinama Siddhi, it allows mind to go deeper in Nitai Smarana.

7d) 👧 Jahnava dasi

I may sound exaggerating, but it has magnitudely effected my Nitai Smarana clarity and peace in my mind. Both worked for me, right toe press when left nostril and left toe when right nostril. I had the deepest Nitai Smarana and sense of absolute silence and total immersion in Nitai Smarana. I kept pressing the toe points throughout. I felt addicted, and after sometime when Nitai Smarana clarity reduces I automatically press again. I genuinely can't thank you enough for this mercy.

7e) 👧 Nitaichi

1 minute pressing and already boost to Nitai Smarana in Harinama. Opposites work best it seems. Giving nice bright darshans always. I tried another time when I woke up groggy, left nostril was on, pressed right toe, everything boosted after a few minutes. Just tested again spontaneously. Left is active so I am in a more doing and practical mode, but while pressing I immediately was seeing dasis at the Yamuna in Nitai Smarana for Harinama Siddhi, and not blurry. This acupressure tip in particular hasn't failed me yet in triggering my Nitai Smarana each time I have done it in the last few weeks.

7f) 👧 Vasudha dasi

I was hearing the Hare Krishna Kirtana by Srila Prabhupada. My left nostril was active and pressing the right toe made me feel (more internal). I am in a temple like structure which has pillars. It was a deep feeling. I felt a long thin boat on the Yamuna with some partitions for sitting. As I started pressing the left toe with my right nostril working, I felt a long garland swaying on Nitai's form (I didn't think of it before). As I focused on the audio at that time, the line 'mala madhura' was playing. For me, as soon I pressed toe unconsciously took me to the garland merging with the sound playing without efforts. I am feeling toe pressing is helping me to merge my remembrance with my hearing in a better and more detailed way. Like on Nitai's form - His lips, smile, deep navel, lotus feet, garland, curly hair, his cloth, flute, plow... all appear more clearly.

7g) 👧 Nitaini dasi

My left nostril is on now and pressing right toe is increasing Nitai smarana. But not as vivid and instantly it was for right nostril and left toe pressing combination (this combination was top).

7h) 👱‍♂️ Hadaisuta das

Pressing the right toe seems to increase the leela smaran slightly. It makes the mind more emotional conducive for Nitai Smarana.

7i) 👩 Padmavati dasi

Pressing left nostril and right thumb gave me a thought of the form of the Lord in my chanting.

7j) 👱‍♂️ Nitaishyama das

Right ko press krne se thoda Nitai Smarana ho pa rha tha...slowly slowly clear ho rha tha Nitai ka form. This is really a miraculous finding. Today also I noticed the difference in my Nitai Smarana after pressing the brain area on my toes.

7k) 👧 Nitairi

Upon the first try pressing the left toe on that area increased the Nitai smarana when my right nostril was active. Pressing the right toe at that time almost seemed to blur it. Left nostril seems to be active. Pressing point on right toe seems to be helping visualise details around the Kalpavriksha near Nitai's form. And vice versa works too. As I am trying this all morning am having the exact same thought. This is the most powerful universal technique so far for Nitai Smarana for Harinama Ruchi. Works very well for so well for me. With this, not one moment of trying Nitai smarana goes without deep remembrance.

7l) 👧 Ekachakra dasi

My right nostril is active, pressing left is giving closeup view and clear view for me of Nitai's form. I feel closer to Nitai's lotus feet by causeless mercy. I didn't play divine vani while testing. Pressing is like removing the blurry view. When my right nostril is more active then pressing right toe is making visions blur for me. I think together vani and toe pressing will help all of us who are at high altitude because when I was in lower altitude for 1 day, I felt like whatever merciful Nitai Smarana came, it was very deep and absorbing. Pressing helped to clear my vision which was almost there already.

7m) 👧 Jahnavi dasi

Pressing the correct toe is increasing my Nitai Smarana during hearing and works at all times without fail.

To help you achieve Krishna Prema in this lifetime, I always remain your humble servant, working tirelessly here in your menial service to selflessly assist you in heightening your truly pure, offenseless, and love-laden recollection of the Lord in all of your Bhakti Yoga practices, 

Bhaktiratna Sadhu.