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Sri Madhurashtakam Audio for Leelamaya Hare Krishna japa with Nitai's remembrance - The Hare Krishna Japa Rasayana audio - The Masterpiece of Leela Smarana 🎵 (


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Drown in total bliss right now by listening to this Madhurashtakam audio offline on loop in the background by tapping and playing the floating play button at the bottom of this browser window. This audio is the culmination and perfection of 50 years of spiritual sound engineering.

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What does this Japa Rasayana audio do?

Sri Madhurashtakam - Adharam 👄🍯 Madhuram - Everything about the Lord is Sweet - One of the Sweetest Songs in Creation by Sripad Vallabhacharya, the disciple of Sri Gadadhara Pandita. It is full of variegated and non-stop Roopa, Guna, and Leela meditations in 🎼Raga Mishra Khamaj. enabling us to never forget the beauty of the Lord's pastimes with His eternal associates.

It is my favorite audio. I can personally listen to it 24/7 for days at a stretch. But still it never fails to amaze me at its non-stop revealing power of the Lord's forms, qualities, pastimes, associates, and abodes in its every word.

You can play this Adharam Madhuram audio in the background for deep immersion in and the popping-out revealing of the names, forms, qualities, pastimes, and abodes in your daily Hare Krishna japa with Nitaismarana, or for vivid all-offenses-destroying Nitaismarana during any of your other desired spiritual practices. Fusing it with your Leela Smarana practice helps kickstart, vivify, and maintain the divine movie of the eternal pastimes in the spiritual world before your inner soul's eyes, as you chant, sing, listen, remember, record, etc.

The Masterpiece Audio of Leela Smarana

The sound frequencies in this audio have been intricately tuned and remastered multiple times over a period of more than a year to trigger, vivify, and maintain your Leela Smarana by my lowly self in the menial service of your Leela Smarana, whether you have a vividly visualizing and worrying Pitta mind, a foggy, cloudy, cold, and analytical Vata mind, a muddy, sluggish, and apathetic Kapha mind, or even if you are a pre-dominantly cold and umimaginative left-nostriler. Hence, this Madhurashtakam audio surpasses and thus replaces all the previous background sounds.

This sound awakens the spandana sphurtis of the eternal pastimes in Goloka Vrindavana effortlessly. It is the very maximum limit to which non-vocal sound can take your consciousness into the spiritual world. Spandana is a Sanskrit term that refers to the subtle pleasure pulse of the Creator and this creation as it manifests into the live movie of the Lord's eternal pastimes in front of our soul's eyes in the form of this sound. Spandana also means ripples of the eternal pastimes in sound form and that is the speciality of sounds produced by this audio.

The 48 Sweet Characteristics of the Lord at-a-glance in this Sri Madhurashtam Audio here at

(1) madhuram = sweet, adharam = lips, vadanam = face, nayanam = eyes, hasitam = smile, hridayam = heart, gamanam = gait.
(2) vachanam = words, charitam = character, vasanam = garments, valitam = posture, chalitam = movements, bhramitam = wanderings.
(3) venu = flute, renu = foot-dust, paani = hands, paadau = feet, nrityam = dance, sakhyam = friendship.
(4) geetam = singing, peetam = drinking, bhuktam = eating, suptam = sleeping, roopam = form, tilakam = tilaka.
(5) karanam = activities, taranam = pastimes of delivering souls, haranam = stealing our sins and offenses, vamitam = offerings to all souls, shamitam = countenance.
(6) gunjaa = gunja-berry necklace, maalaa = flower garlands and necklaces, yamuna = yamuna river, veechee = her rippling waves, salilam = her cooling water, kamalam = lotuses in the yamuna.
(7) gopis = cowherd girlfriends, leela = pastimes, yuktam = meeting, muktam = separation, drishtam = sidelong glances, shishtam = etiquette.
(8) gopaa = cowherd boyfriends, gaavo = cows, yashtir = herding stick, srishtir = creation, dalitam = victory, phalitam = the results of loving Him.

Lyrics and Translation

adharam madhuram vadanam madhuram
nayanam madhuram hasitam madhuram |
hridayam madhuram gamanam madhuram
madhuraadhipater akhilam madhuram || 1 ||

"His lips are sweet, His face is sweet, His eyes are sweet, His smile is sweet, His loving heart is sweet, His gait (walk) is sweet, Everything is utterly sweet about our Supreme Lord of Sweetness."

vachanam madhuram charitam madhuram
vasanam madhuram valitam madhuram |
chalitam madhuram bhramitam madhuram
madhuraadhipater akhilam madhuram || 2 ||

"His words are sweet, His character is sweet, His dresses (garments) are sweet, His posture is sweet, His movements are sweet, His wandering (roaming) is sweet, Everything is utterly sweet about our Supreme Lord of Sweetness."

venur-madhuro renur-madhuraḥ
paanir-madhurah paadau madhurau |
nrityam madhuram sakhyam madhuram
madhuraadhipater akhilam madhuram || 3 ||

"His flute-playing is sweet, His foot-dust is sweet, His hands are sweet, His feet are sweet, His dancing is sweet, His friendship is sweet, Everything is utterly sweet about the Supreme Lord of Sweetness."

geetam madhuram peetam madhuram
bhuktam madhuram suptam madhuram |
roopam madhuram tilakam madhuram
madhuraadhipater akhilam madhuram || 4 ||

"His singing is sweet, His drinking is sweet, His eating is sweet, His sleeping is sweet, His beautiful form is sweet, His Tilaka (mark on the forehead) is sweet, Everything is utterly sweet about our Supreme Lord of Sweetness."

karanam madhuram taranam madhuram
haranam madhuram smaranam madhuram |
vamitam madhuram shamitam madhuram
madhuraadhipater akhilam madhuram || 5 ||

"His activities are sweet, His pastimes of delivering souls are sweet, His thieving and stealing of our sins and offenses is sweet, His remembrance is sweet, His offerings to all souls are sweet, His countenance is sweet, Everything is utterly sweet about our Supreme Lord of Sweetness."

gunjaa madhuraa maalaa madhuraa
yamunaa madhuraa veechee madhuraa |
salilam madhuram kamalam madhuram
madhuraadhipater akhilam madhuram || 6 ||

"His gunja-berry necklaces are sweet, His flower garlands and necklaces are sweet, sweet is the Yamuna river, and sweet are Her rippling waves, Her cooling water is sweet, and sweet are Her lotus flowers also, Everything is utterly sweet about our Supreme Lord of Sweetness."

gopee madhuraa leelaa madhuraa
yuktam madhuram muktam madhuram |
drishtam madhuram shishtam madhuram
madhuraadhipater akhilam madhuram || 7 ||

"His gopis (cowherd girlfriends) are sweet, His pastimes (plays) are sweet, His union (meeting Him) is sweet, His separation is also sweet, His sidelong glances are sweet, His courtesy (etiquette) is sweet, Everything is utterly sweet about our Supreme Lord of Sweetness."

gopaa madhuraa gaavo madhuraa
yashtir-madhuraa srishtir-madhuraa |
dalitam madhuram phalitam madhuram
madhuraadhipater akhilam madhuram || 8 ||

"His gopas (cowherd boyfriends) are sweet, His cows are sweet, His cane (herding-stick) is sweet, His creation is sweet, His victory is sweet, the results of loving Him are sweet, Everything is utterly sweet about our Supreme Lord of Sweetness."

The deepest listening device is A13 

For the deepest-ever and the most-revealing-ever Leela Smarana in your desired practice with this background audio, hear it on the Samsung A13 phone speaker or via its 3.5mm jack. This verdict has not been taken easily but only after personally testing lots and lots of listening devices and their combinations over a period of the last 2-3 years.

Your menial servant in the selfless service of increasing your truly offenseless love-giving remembrance in every single one of your Bhakti Yoga practices so that you can attain Krishna Prema in this life itself,

Bhaktiratna Sadhu.