Rasa Lila

20Hz Background Sound for Lilamaya Hare Krishna Japa and Nitairoopdhyan


▶️ Tap the floating play button on the bottom right or bottom center of this page to play and loop this extremely focusing 20 Hz audio in the background, even on your browser's airplane or offline mode on both phones or computers. Browser playback is recommended over app playback as playing in mobile or computer apps seems to reduce the focus slightly.

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What Does this 20 Hz Sound Actually Do

Play this 20 Hz sound in the background for deep immersion in and revealing of the name, form, qualities, pastimes, and/or abodes (as per your choice and qualification) in your daily Hare Krishna Japa and Nitairoopdhyan during your desired spiritual practice. It helps in kickstarting, maintaining, and vividifying the divine movie of the eternal pastimes in the spiritual world before our inner soul's eyes. A slight night cricket insect sound has been added for even more revelation in your spiritual practice.

Download the 20 Hz Audio

Download: Audio.

Vividest spiritual revelations on the iPhone 14's speakers but only if you play it in directly from this page in your iOS Safari browser. For the maximum revelations possible on the Samsung A52/53 phone's speakers: Set Dolby Atmos to Music. And Adapt Sound to: Over 60 years old, with Preferred ear for calls to: Right, and Sound preference to: Clear, via the gear icon on the right of the Over 60 years old setting.

And even after downloading, please play it in the Android Chrome or iOS Safari browser itself or the Mac's built-in QuickTime player. Listening in other player apps and on earphones or headphones on mobiles or computers seems to reduce this 20 Hz wav audio's revealing potency somewhat.

Here is some sound frequency science why this 20 Hz audio is so effective in triggering our spiritual remembrance from neurosonica.com:

Beta Sound Frequency: ~ 15 – 38 Hz

Focused, analytical, rational, wide awake, alert awareness, concentrated, focused mind, heightened sensory perception, emotional stability, visual acuity, cognitive control of motor activity are enhanced by this 20hz sound.

Beta is a ‘fast’ higher frequency bandwidth typically associated with outward awareness, full alertness, and the rapid fusion of thought and vision generation. Beta production usually begins at around 12 years of age and is most likely your dominant frequency right now as you’re reading this.

Clinical studies of the BETA 2 (20 Hz) sound frequency link it to full awareness of the inner self and surroundings, energy, alertness, activity, increased mental ability and focus, peak states of concentration, motivation and possibly, and visual acuity. It’s also been associated with IQ increase, perhaps in a similar manner to 'smart drugs' or nootropics, by stimulating overall brain activity.

Those with ‘slow wave’ conditions like ADD, ADHD and depression typically exhibit low waking beta wave activity and may be prescribed stimulants to increase daytime beta activity and/or block slower frequencies.

The Three Kinds of Beta Sound Frequencies

The beta sound frequency range falls into three classifications:  

• Beta 1 (~12.5 Hz – 15 Hz): Slow or Low Beta wave activity. 

20 Hz Beta is the Topmost for Spiritual Remembrance

• Beta 2 (~ 15 Hz – 23 Hz): This mid-range beta is frequently used by clinicians. Some consider 18.5-20 Hz in particular to be an optimal frequency for focus, visualization, imagination, and vivid and clear concentration.

• Beta 3 (~ 23 Hz – 40 Hz): This fast beta activity, especially in its higher range has been associated with hyper-arousal/hyper-vigilance, anxiety, stress, paranoia, excessive energy and ‘burnout’.  

In clinical applications, Beta 1 and 2 sound frequency brainwave stimulation has been used to promote wakefulness and alertness, focus, mood elevation, general cognitive performance, and for assistance with depression and ADHD.

General Benefits of Different Sound Frequencies

Here are some of the benefits and functions associated with key brainwave sound frequencies:

👂 Gamma: learning, concentration, and self-control ~ 38 – 100 Hz.
👂 Beta: increased energy levels, focus, alertness, and clear thinking and visualization ~ 15 – 38 Hz, especially 18.5-20 Hz, like in this 20 Hz audio track.
👂 Sensorimotor Rhythms (SMR): ~ 12.5 – 15 Hz.
👂 Alpha: help with tension headaches, memory, mild-anxiety, and creative flow states ~ 7.5 – 12.5 Hz.
👂 Theta: may assist emotional processing, deep relaxation, intuition, memory consolidation ~ 4 – 7.5 Hz.
👂 Delta/sub-delta: may assist pain relief, immune function, healing and deep sleep ~ 0.5 – 4 Hz.

Your menial servant in the selfless service of increasing your truly offenseless love-giving remembrance in every single one of your bhakti practices,
Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaja.